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Beauty of the Bicycle

May is Bike Month  Bike to Work Day is 5/17 “We have a strange culture,” Chef Becky observes. “Our mainstream food supply is heavily salty, fatty, and sugary, and this [...]

2024-05-16T15:29:53-04:00May 16, 2024|Bex Blog|

East Coast Ghost

Meet Hannah, Bex’s Resident Paranormal Entity    Friday, May 3rd is National Paranormal Day, and we don’t talk about it much, but Bex is haunted, in a friendly-ghost kind of way. [...]

2024-05-03T17:56:40-04:00May 3, 2024|Bex Blog|

Earthy Cups

We in the culinary and holistic health fields can be people-pleasers, so we like to hear customer feedback.  Even better, we are pleasantly surprised when a customer just up and [...]

2024-04-02T12:56:54-04:00March 28, 2024|Bex Blog|

Fertile Green

Certain generations still think of, and joke about, a certain iconic cartoon guy when spinach is discussed.  He was strong to the finish because he ate his spinach.  As a [...]

2024-03-14T12:40:10-04:00March 14, 2024|Bex Blog|

A Dream Realized 

The 90s Kids Know  In the days before the TV Food Network took off and became infused in the mainstream, cooking shows were often quieter, less flashy, and more no-frills, [...]

2024-03-10T21:01:17-04:00March 7, 2024|Bex Blog|
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