Poppin’ Up Jersey Style

Join Us in Welcoming Summer on May 17th, Jersey Style! 

Some call it a Supper Club and some a Pop-Up Dinner, but the spirit is the same in either wording. “We’ve usually used Supper Club,” Chef Becky explains. “But sometimes people construe that as being some exclusive gathering you have to have a password for, and that’s the last thing I want to do,” she laughs. “Whatever you call it, it’s a unique, one-time event that brings people together in person around a thematic, memorable meal.” 

This Pop-Up Dinner is sure to please with plenty of Classic Jersey, Farm Fresh ingredients represented on the menu, including cheese from Lebanon Cheese Ricotta, Griggstown Chicken, Cotton Cattle Beef,  South Branch Trout, local strawberries, and honey from local Lavender Fig Apiary.  Something you won’t want to miss!


As Spring Turns to Summer

We hope you join us on Friday, May 17th, for a special meal designed and executed by Chef Becky. “As you know, at Bex we make seasonal fare with a global feel, so when the Spring gives way to Summer it’s a great opportunity to cook with the bounty that nature provides,” the Chef says. “Summer in New Jersey is about as American as you can get: there’s the [Jersey] Shore, block parties and barbeques, and some ridiculously hot days that often have the wonderful afternoon thunderstorm to cool us down. I wanted to create a menu that captures that transition from Spring rains to Summer sun, with a Jersey sense of locally sourced ingredients.” 


The Fare, the Details 

In alliance with the lovely rivers that traverse Hunterdon County, Chef Becky is serving Rainbow Trout. “It’s a delicate fish, with those river flavors that are rich and nutritious,” she says. She is also serving Steak Diane, a delectable beef dish that the Chef has down to a science. For fowl, Bex will have Chicken Paillards, which are cutlets of chicken served with foresty-flavored sides. And while a Pea and Truffle Soup starter may make some people negatively think of pea soup, you haven’t had pea soup like this. We took a deep dive into the wondrous truffle here. You can add truffles to just about anything and transform it, given truffles’ buttery, complex, earthy notes and nutritional powerhouse-ness. 

Note the change in seating times for this special dinner, rather than 6 and 8 pm, we are hosting the dinner at 5:30 and 7:30 pm to offer more flexibility to our patrons.

Classic Jersey Pop-Up Dinner

Friday, May 17, 2024

Seatings at 5:30 and 7:30 pm 

Fabulously Flavorful Four-course Meal, $95 pp

Please RSVP inquiries@bexkitchen.com