From Promotion to Painting: A Success Story

Molly Brusser:

Molly did something rather courageous.

At the peak of the pandemic, she left the marketing world to become an artist. Going into art at any stage in life is a bold venture, but during a time of upheaval and uncertainty, the stakes are even higher. It’s 2024 and Molly has been successful, so she’s sharing her journey on Sunday, May 19th, at our second Bex Sparx – where artists share their know-how and stories to those interested in art as a career, or those just curious about the inner workings of the art world. 


Molly is also doing a great service to Hunterdon and surrounding counties, as one of her areas of expertise is painting architectural works of local buildings. But how does one go from art as a hobby to getting more serious with it? Have you ever wanted to take your art to the next level? Molly will be talking about her own journey and how she trepidatiously pursued something she was passionate about while finding that her background skills in marketing, web design, and graphic design came in handy when she took the leap. 


Spark up a conversation with us on May 19th! Bex Sparx will feature Molly Brusser and Carol Esch – two artists for the price of free! Free admission. Rain or shine (with a backup date of June 2nd if need be for the cyanotype portion). Carol works in cyanotype, a wonderfully analog process that uses free solar energy to create works that are lo-fi, lovely, and sometimes haunting (in a good way).  Bex Sparx is an all-new free art talk and demonstration provided by Bex at The Gallery at Bex, a previous art space and art gallery.

Molly’s work can be seen on display at the group artist exhibit titled, “Spring Awakenings” consisting of 19 different artists. Spring Awakenings is on display until the end of June and can be viewed every weekend when the gallery is open from 11 – to 2 pm or by special appointment by emailing:

The Gallery at Bex, 56 Main Street, Califon, NJ. 


Carol Esch: a short interview with Carol

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