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A Holiday Classic Dish

Nothing says “holiday classic” like Beef Tenderloin. After the turkey madness of Thanksgiving, eating at the holidays opens up a bit more versatility: some families go ham, some keep it [...]

2023-12-08T08:08:35-05:00December 8, 2023|Bex Blog|

Native to the Core

We briefly touched on Native/Indigenous Month in the US earlier, but let’s take a deeper dive.  All of November celebrates Native American heritage, whether you’re 100% or just a smidgen. [...]

2023-11-10T08:14:39-05:00November 10, 2023|Bex Blog|

Crack Open the Egg

Get eggs static over the edible egg Ever since early humans started stealing eggs from egg-laying creatures we’ve realized how good they are. Packed with protein, choline, and vitamin nutrients, [...]

2023-11-02T15:04:59-04:00November 2, 2023|Bex Blog|

Language and Food

Along with the general changes rapidly happening to the English language, a fair amount of this impacts how we talk about food – and food, as the delightful, astute family [...]

2023-10-27T07:47:14-04:00October 26, 2023|Bex Blog|

Tipping Point

Tipping has always been a hot topic nearly of the same caliber as discussing religion or politics at the dinner table.  Begging Dogs  Quentin Tarantino’s first film, Reservoir Dogs, begins [...]

2023-10-26T15:21:39-04:00October 26, 2023|Bex Blog|

Wild Life Reception

The art opening for Julie Goetz was well-attended, lively, and a lot of fun.  Bartender – or mixologist – Kevin Maxfield stayed very busy, serving up a gin & tonic, [...]

2023-10-19T12:56:42-04:00October 19, 2023|Bex Blog|

Yammin’ It Up

There has long been confusion and debate about sweet potatoes and yams, but they are two different things. Ipomoea batatas is the Genus species for the sweet potato plant, whose [...]

2023-10-12T14:46:17-04:00October 12, 2023|Bex Blog|
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