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Year of the Rabbit

The Lunar New Year represents the start of the lunar calendar based on the cycles of the moon, centering around traditions and foods passed down through the centuries.  Many celebrate [...]

2023-01-27T09:19:47-05:00January 26, 2023|Bex Blog|

Quest for Fire

After a rough go of being a carpetbagger in Atlanta a few years ago, and deciding to go back north, I had some in-between time at an Airbnb. I’d never [...]

2023-01-26T13:12:39-05:00January 26, 2023|Bex Blog|

Small Businesshood

At the start of the new year, a New York Times article appeared highly critical of the restaurant world and fine dining. (“Noma, Rated the World’s Best Restaurant, Is Closing [...]

2023-01-19T13:34:43-05:00January 19, 2023|Bex Blog|

Good Salt

Salt is the essence of life and can be found in the cells of every living organism. It is an essential component in plants, animals, and humans. Salt is required [...]

2023-01-13T09:00:24-05:00January 13, 2023|Bex Blog|

Silly Sunday Supper

I grew up in a family that had a Sunday tradition, the alliterative “Silly Sunday Supper,” in which the fridge was cleared out and leftovers were eaten – anything went, [...]

2023-01-05T11:03:59-05:00January 3, 2023|Bex Blog|

Flavor Influencers 

Even though Bex Kitchen is located in woodsy western New Jersey not far from the Pennsylvania border, Chef Becky brings international culinary influences to her cooking.  Educated at Parsons School [...]

2022-12-22T10:18:29-05:00December 20, 2022|Bex Blog|
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