A Dream Realized 

naturally dying easter eggsThe 90s Kids Know 

In the days before the TV Food Network took off and became infused in the mainstream, cooking shows were often quieter, less flashy, and more no-frills, appearing on listener-supported TV stations or select shows. There were often mellow moments where the chef just rested a hip on the stove and let the science do its thing. Spare, everyday moments – water boiling, oil coming to the frying temperature, a sous chef rummaging around for something in the fridge – were not, in those days, filled up with flash and dash. It evokes a slower, quieter time. In the parlance of the newer generations, 1990s cooking shows just hit differently. 


Kitchen Pace 

“That’s what it’s like when you take a cooking class in person,” Chef Becky says. “It’s not about filling up every spare moment with information. Chefs go into reveries sometimes when a mirepoix is sweating or something is baking or roasting. You have to stay frosty so you don’t get injured, but when you can cook leisurely, it’s very therapeutic. When you have orders flying in or a deadline, it’s a different story, of course,” she says with a smile. 


A Dream Realized 

Bex introduces Bex HomeX.  In a post-ironic nod to the Home Economics school classes in days of yore, Chef Becky will be offering cooking classes! “It’ll be like those old-fashioned cooking shows,” she explains. “Casual, relaxed, and it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them. I’ve been on television shows and can cook in that short-attention-span type of way, but you have to go at a certain pace to help people learn.” 


Why a Cooking Series? braided easter bread

“Cooking is grounding,” the Chef says. “Over a series of classes we’ll offer, you can build skills and feel a sense of accomplishment and progress. You can take the kitchen skills you learn at Bex HomeX anywhere in the world! Cooking skills are universal, 100% transferable, and if you practice enough, they become muscle memory. Everybody eats around the world, so cooks are always in demand. This class will be back-to-basics where you learn the principles of preparing real food to nourish a healthy lifestyle. With a good foundation, you can get into some of the fancier and more scientific and wild aspects of cooking and baking: molecular gastronomy, the art of realistic-looking cakes, Alton Brown-type cooking where you learn the math and science of it.” 


Exciting for the Community

“I’ve wanted to do this for some time,” the Chef recounts, “so it’s empowering to see it come to fruition, and it’s in line with my desire to give back to the community since I was largely raised by a loose community of caring people.” 


Start Your Engines and Mark Your Calendars

The first class will focus on how to boil an egg, making natural dyes for Easter eggs, and Easter bread-braiding. 

When: Sunday, March 24

Where: The Gallery at Bex

What time: 4 – 6 pm

How much: $95/person

How to register: inquiries@bexkitchen.com 

No experience necessary! Each class will focus on a single culinary topic and build on skills for a healthy lifestyle.

Come get nourished at Bex.