A Sommelier Walks into a Cafe …

Bex is thrilled to announce a Bex Fêtes event you’re sure to enjoy: join us on Tuesday, February 27th for Vino & Vittles! 

Vino & Vittles will, as the name denotes, be a collaborative event between the vittles of Bex and the wine expertise of sommelier Sam. This will be an exclusive one-time event, by reservation only (email inquiries@bexkitchen.com or call 908-975-3334), open to a limited number of participants. The theme will be Mediterranean. 


Origin of Tapas 

Tapas has a fascinating history, and if even apocryphal, it’s a good story: sherry drinkers in the Andalusian region – Spain’s southernmost area – used thin slices of bread or meat to cover their drinks from fruit flies. This created the pairing between low-cost or free salty bar snacks (peanuts, pretzels, etc), which increased drinkers’ thirst, and taverns. Over time it grew into the more elegant practice of tapas – specially prepared dishes that are not as filling as main courses, but more substantial than appetizers. And it’s always good to eat while drinking. 


Chef Becky on Tapas

“I make croquettes a lot,” the Chef explains. “That way, I can incorporate seasonal ingredients into the basic croquette structure.” Tapas are wonderfully versatile and can be anything from olives to meatballs (another Bex staple) to potatoes to fried cheese. Chef Becky has always focused on the representative bite, and how it captures her interest in the healthy, colorful, and textural aspects of food. Tapas are a natural pairing. “I’ll be doing something with salmon, beef, and chocolate brownie,” she hints. “I am excited about this collaboration!” small plate of food


The Sommelier

Sam has special wines he’ll be serving, but we don’t want to give away all the surprises. Sam is a certified sommelier and calls himself a “vino comic.” He knows that wine tastings aren’t just about the wine but about the human connections made as well. Sam was head sommelier at Jean-George Public Kitchen, has worked in steakhouses, and as a stand-up comic has toured the comedy circuit. We’re excited to have him at Bex. 


How to Participate

RSVP (see above); the cost is $65 per person. 

Vino & Vittles will be at The Gallery at Bex, 56 Main Street, Califon.

Tuesday, February 27th, 6 – 8 pm. 

Looking forward to hosting Sommelier Sam and seeing you!

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