Bex Expands to Yoga

yoga with laurenWe are excited to announce a new collaboration! To coincide with the sound baths that are offered every Wednesday in February – and every other Wednesday in March – we will be offering yoga every Monday, beginning Monday, February 26th. 


About the Instructor 

Yoga will be led by Lauren Theis, who has over eight years of teaching experience. In addition to teaching yoga, Lauren is the Director of Education at Raritan Headwaters, whom we have partnered with before. She is also an illustrator for Edible Jersey magazine, and she does nature photography. Lauren enjoys sharing the physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits that nature and yoga provide. 


Holistic Health

Offering yoga complements the benefits of sound bathing, and vice-versa. “When you are feeding people, you are de facto dealing with health,” Chef Becky says. “Eating in an anti-inflammatory fashion and taking care of your body work synergistically.” 


Peas in a Pod 

Yoga and sound-bathing both have relaxation as goals; yoga focuses on stretching the body’s muscles, improving posture and breathing, and becoming aware of where the body holds onto stress and trauma. It is a great way to manage back problems, injury, and stress, and pairs excellently with sound baths! 


The Details 

Yoga at Bex will be all-level, with an emphasis on spinal alignment and what is called vinyasa in yoga practice: a smooth transition between each yoga posture. A $20 donation is suggested. Yoga mats are provided or bring your own. Ample parking. Yoga will be held at The Gallery at Bex, 56 Main Street, Califon. Reservations are recommended, you can choose to Venmo to hold your spot or email us:

Check out all of the offerings at Bex: healthy food. Sound meditations. Yoga. Art. Supper clubs and special events. All of these point toward individual and community health.  Be part of it all!