East Coast Ghost

Meet Hannah, Bex’s Resident Paranormal Entity   

Friday, May 3rd is National Paranormal Day, and we don’t talk about it much, but Bex is haunted, in a friendly-ghost kind of way.

“The Bex HQ is an old building with a storied past, and we’ve had the usual ghostly odd happenings – things falling, lights flickering, the like – and we affectionately call the ghost ‘Hannah,’” explains Chef-Owner Becky Geisel. “Hannah will be quiet for a while and then raucous unpredictably. Sure, sometimes things fall from having a little cooking oil or water on them, but there have just been too many weird things, so it makes us wonder.” 


Paranormal May? 

It’s a bit strange to have National Paranormal Day in early May, but so it is. Come to Bex and tell us about your hauntings – and while you’re at it, grab a handmade pastry, strong delicious coffee, or meal on the weekend when our cafe is open. Chef Becky just won Best Chef from Hunterdon Happening! She’s a chef, owner, event specialist, and artist – let’s add Ghost Wrangler to that pedigree. 


Chef Becky on Hannah

Explains the Chef: “Hannah is named after Hannah Philhower, my great-great-grandmother. Clink and Cleo’s mom. A weird thing that happened once was a clairvoyant woman came to the cafe, without any prior knowledge about the place, and felt a presence. She felt the presence was friendly, and connected to our family history and the town. She was spot on!” Chef Becky heard from the clairvoyant musings that she already knew including that Hannah was a friendly ghost, protecting her son Cleo’s property, and she was happy that Bec was occupying the space that was once in the family. Fifty-two Main Street in Califon was also Cleo’s Butcher Shop in the 1940s. Family lines go deep with Chef Becky inheriting Hannah’s treasured book collection. Hannah was a baker and had a whole assortment of cookbooks from the late 1800s, inspiring the Chef’s dishes and baked goods today. Do you recall Bex’s Vintage Supper Club two years ago? That supper featured many recipes adapted from Great-Great Grandmother Hannah’s cooking books! 


Be Part of the Paranormal 

What kind of experience might you have at Bex? Hannah is a friendly ghost, remember? Come on by to our weekend cafe and see what happens! 

Bex, 52 Main Street, Califon, NJ 07830 

The cafe is open on weekends 9 am – 2 pm 

We are kid, biker, bicyclist, dog, and ghost friendly