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Bex Expands to Yoga

We are excited to announce a new collaboration! To coincide with the sound baths that are offered every Wednesday in February – and every other Wednesday in March – we [...]

2024-02-21T07:16:07-05:00February 21, 2024|Bex Blog|

Rise and Grind with Pesto

Every culture has a fresh herb-based sauce.  Here in New Jersey, we are surrounded by pesto, but herb-based sauces are found universally. Let’s have a look at the ancient practice [...]

2024-03-01T07:03:51-05:00February 15, 2024|Bex Blog|

Getting Firey with Cider

What’s fire cider? Wikipedia describes it perfectly: “a pungent concoction made of apple cider vinegar, onions, garlic and horseradish, sometimes with citrus, ginger, and hot peppers. It is steeped for weeks [...]

2024-02-08T11:07:07-05:00February 8, 2024|Bex Blog|

No Truffle at All

Ah, truffles: the Rolls Royce of the mushroom world.  Pigs and Dogs on the Hunt  A fungi that provide a symbiotic relationship with beech, birch, hornbeam, oak, pine, and poplar [...]

2024-02-01T12:39:22-05:00January 25, 2024|Bex Blog|

Behind the Scenes at Bex

Bex has been a Califon institution for over a decade, but even for a small-town eatery, many folks don’t understand that Bex is actually a multi-pronged enterprise aimed at serving [...]

2024-01-19T07:31:07-05:00January 19, 2024|Bex Blog|
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