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Cooking is Creativity

You Have to Start Somewhere  Bex is a multifaceted culinary company that started humbly as a restaurant/cafe in the quaint bucolic town of Califon, NJ. Califon is in Hunterdon County, [...]

2023-05-02T13:35:04-04:00May 2, 2023|Bex Blog|

Fourth Be with You

A Long Time Ago, in a Universe Far Away… May 4th marks Star Wars Day around the world. (May the 4th…be with you.) Theaters are showing the original – and [...]

2023-04-28T13:58:38-04:00April 28, 2023|Bex Blog|

Food That Bites Back

People are funny.  We all have our idiosyncrasies: there’s a movie special effects guy (practical/analog/old-fashioned) who hates getting his hands sticky; people who keep each component of a square meal [...]

2023-04-24T13:56:03-04:00April 24, 2023|Bex Blog|

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is an environmental movement to protect Earth’s natural resources such as air, water, and soil. The first Earth Day is said to have been conceived in the 1960s [...]

2023-04-21T08:06:44-04:00April 20, 2023|Bex Blog|

Twist + Trout

Spring has sprung! Lambertville, NJ has its annual Shad Fest. We here in Califon have our Trout Fest. As if on cue, the trout have begun appearing on the Raritan [...]

2023-04-13T13:31:05-04:00April 13, 2023|Bex Blog|

Poetry in the Kitchen

April is National Poetry Month, a month set aside to celebrate the important role that poetry plays in our lives. Poetry helps us pause, reflect and go deeper into awareness [...]

2023-04-11T21:33:55-04:00April 11, 2023|Bex Blog|

Spring Into Healthy

Springtime provides an opportunity for renewal after the winter. Along with longer, sunnier days, the human palette is connected to seasonal eating, having different cravings and bodily signals depending on [...]

2023-04-06T12:42:12-04:00April 6, 2023|Bex Blog|

Mood Food

The beginning of the 21st century has seen remarkable progress in de-criminalizing small amounts of recreational and/or medicinal marijuana in a growing number of states. With the west coast paving [...]

2023-04-06T10:50:56-04:00April 6, 2023|Bex Blog|

Customizable Expertise

Pivoting to Change  The restaurant industry is changing. Most people now divide recent history into pre- and post-pandemic. Regardless of one’s perspective on the pandemic, it is inarguable that it [...]

2023-03-31T07:27:59-04:00March 31, 2023|Bex Blog|
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