Behind the Scenes at Bex

chef Becky GeiselBex has been a Califon institution for over a decade, but even for a small-town eatery, many folks don’t understand that Bex is actually a multi-pronged enterprise aimed at serving wholesome food, providing unforgettable experiences, and connecting the community. Let’s put some coffee on, and sit a spell while diving deeper behind the scenes. 

Legs of the Tripod 

Bex is currently a weekend cafe, a catering business, and a multi-purpose arts & event gallery!

 Bex has relationships with a local coffee roaster, many events spaces and locations, film production and photography companies, wedding planners, a local apiary, and more. Chef Becky has dedicated a good portion of her life to the culinary industry and has learned much about its trends, ups and downs, and behavior. She is not just cooking up something yummy in the kitchen, but constantly running different aspects of the business, thinking through event planning, consulting with clients, developing seasonal menus, doing site visits, staying abreast of food industry trends, and more. The customer only sees the finished product, which Chef Becky strives to make as attractive, nutritious, and affordable as possible, but much goes on “backstage.” 


Internet Over-reliance 

It is important to realize the three legs of the tripod because, in our day and age of internet knowledge reliance, customers will often Google “Bex” and get misinformation or old info. On our end, we are updating our website navigation and tabs to make it easier to understand Bex and find the info you need! Use our website as your tool for connecting with us and stay tuned for website updates aimed at enhancing your online experience.


An Expanding Enterprise 

Chef Becky now owns her restaurant and property, including the quad space and building that houses The Gallery at Bex. Different properties house different parts of her business and have different functions in the spinning wheel that is Bex. 

  • 52 Main Street, Califon is the Cafe at Bex where breakfast, lunch, or brunch is served every weekend.
  • 56 Main Street is The Gallery at Bex where art installations take place along with sound meditations and many free events.
  • Catering food is prepared out of the same cozy kitchen at 52 Main Street, known as Bex Kitchen, the heart and soul of Bex.

People rely on Google as a be-all, end-all omniscient authority, but keep in mind that Google – and the internet in general – has as much bad intel as good, and is only as good as the accuracy of its info. If you Google 52 Main Street you will find the hours for Bex Kitchen, the catering hub. Looking for the hours for our cafe (The Cafe at Bex)? Simple! The cafe is open every Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 2 pm use this Google search here. Not sure? Connect with us on social media! We have a presence on Facebook for Bex Kitchen and Chef Becky Geisel has her page too. If you prefer Instagram, you can find us on Bex_NJ or Chef Becky Geisel, keep in touch to learn all about the great stuff happening and keep connected to your community. 

Inflationary Times 

If you follow trends in social media, you’ll notice a definite sentiment in some quarters that is anti-work and anti-employer. Small businesses have been feeling the brunt, a societal change that arose during the COVID pandemic and still lingers. This has made employees hard to find and retain, as well as created a perception that employers are bad guys. 


Small Biz Backbone 

“I’d love for people to spend a day in my shoes,” Chef Becky says. “I’m not complaining, but people would be amazed at what it takes to run a small business, including dealing with recent inflation, which is the worst it’s been since the late 1970s.  And it’s not just domestic, it’s global. There’s no way around this except to grin and bear it, and hopefully not pass it on to the customer. But when people armchair-analyze the world and have all the answers, I ask them to look at things from a small biz POV. It’s eye-opening, and small businesses are still one of the major employers in the world and the foundations of many communities.” 


The Bottom Line

To simply survive, Bex has pivoted repeatedly over the years – now decades – as a pandemic, economic ups and downs, and consumer behavior have altered society. Takeout has changed, delivery systems have changed, and there have been supply chain issues and staffing culture fluctuations. Bex does an incredible amount behind the scenes to cater, host an art/music/events space, provide community-building events, run a cafe, etc. – the list goes on. Chef Becky knows the bottom line is still good food for the value, and she delivers! From catering to the cafe to The Gallery at Bex to community events, Bex is here for you. Check out our new dinners delivered by calling us at 908 -975 -3334.