Why Be Social?

ladies interacting Humans are social creatures. 

Even the most hermitlike among us need some social interaction, and the pandemic threw a monkeywrench into things. 

As Alzheimer’s cases rise, social interaction is found to be one of the activities that can help slow the disease progression; the elderly in general benefit from interaction, as aging has been found to increase when people are isolated. New moms can get disconnected from social life caring for infants, so it’s another important population to keep in mind. Teens and young adults need social interaction crucially, to explore social identities and foster brain development into people’s mid-20s. 

All roads point toward some level of interaction – good, old-fashioned person-to-person chatting and activity. 


Look No Further than Bex! 

Chef Becky has long championed the fête, a get-together that is casual but focused: around a theme, a meal, and a greater purpose. Stay tuned for one-off events Chef Becky is cookin’ up in the months ahead…. 


Soundbaths: every Wednesday at 6 pm, The Gallery at Bex, 56 Main Street, Califon. Spa water and munchies by Chef Becky. Register in advance or at the door. 

The music of Greg Stier: Greg returns to The Cafe at Bex on Jan. 14th and 28th, 12 – 2 pm. Free; tips appreciated. 52 Main Street, Califon. 

Art opening: The Gallery at Bex welcomes painter Andrea Kelly, whose moody paintings glow with a kind of somber reflectiveness. Free snacks and beverages, free event, Thursday, Jan. 11th, 7 pm. 56 Main Street, Califon. Bring a friend! 

Poetry Reading: the second poetry reading takes place Friday, Jan. 12th, at 7 pm, at The Gallery at Bex. Free. Come listen to local poets read their work. 

The Cafe at Bex: open weekends 9 am – 2 pm. Enjoy pastries, coffee, and hearty, healthy fare in a casual, European-style cafe. Check out our menu here. The Cafe is a great place for parents to take kids for some 1-1 time, or for cafe-goers to check out what’s going on in the community. 


Bex: stimulation for mind, body, and soul. Get out there and find your tribe! 

Qestions about any of our events? Inquiries@bexkitchen.com