Lions, Tigers, Bears, Ravens, and 49ers

This year is Super Bowl LVIII, or 58 for non-Romans. The first Super Bowl to be held in Nevada, Super Bowls always bring together teams’ hardcore fans with folks who are watching for the Halftime Show or better-than-average ads. Any gathering is an opportunity to try out recipes and make foods that will please a crowd, as a whole and individually. 


The Super Bowl reflects our youngness as a nation, having only been around since 1969, but it quickly has become a strong American tradition. What are you up to on game day? 

Gatherings are wonderful opportunities, from a culinary standpoint, to set the tone of the get-together based on food. “The first thing I do when planning an event is gather info,” Chef Becky explains. “Some caterers take a one-size-fits-all approach, but at Bex, we pay lots of attention to detail and customizing the experience.” 


At Bex we like to eat healthy but eat well, paying attention to elevated foods (without being pretentious), texture, and uniqueness. Chef Becky always has her antennae out for new ways people are handling traditional ingredients. 

“Gen X eaters sometimes go for nostalgia foods, but we didn’t eat all that great in the 1970s, so we try to deliver nostalgia without the parts that nostalgia leaves out,” the Chef says. “Bex is not that fancy of a place: I served hot dogs, mac and cheese, and pretzels on Halloween. But I believe in whole foods, cooking from scratch, and maximizing anti-inflammatory value from ingredients.” 


This map of the US based on each state’s Super Bowl food is amusing if to be taken with a grain of salt. 


“Super Bowl food is not normally associated with the healthiest of foods,” Chef Becky says, “but it provides an opportunity to either take a day off from healthy or turn traditional foods into healthier ones, without sacrificing enjoyment.” An example? “Mac and cheese,” the Chef recommends. “You can truffle it up and take it fancy, or leave it as-is. It’s a comfort and event food that is a crowd-pleaser.” 

Looking to cater for the big game? Look no further than Bex!

Published On: January 25, 2024//Categories: Bex Blog//