Dinners Delivered, Redux

dinners deliveredThe rise of the pandemic was a rough time for Bex. 

A major sea change happened in society regarding interaction and being out in public, and certain industries were, predictably, hit hard: restaurants, cinemas, music venues and bands, and even the American carnival circuit. Many of these are struggling to come back, and movie theaters are often ghost towns but still somehow stay afloat. Chef Becky pivoted during the pandemic, a skill she learned in her early years in soccer when what happens on a soccer field can change dizzyingly fast. 


Adapting or Perishing

“What was so frustrating and disheartening wasn’t so much the adapting to a new reality,” Chef Becky recollects, “but the way the rules, guidelines, and leadership kept changing, creating a mood that the overlords didn’t know what they were doing. One day max capacity was one number, but it changed overnight. There was some downright chaos, but thankfully I come from that background,” she laughs. “Doing event planning and running a restaurant, these are crucial things for our industry’s survival.” 


Dinner, Delivered

As folks holed up in their domiciles, food delivery became popular, even though it created a packaging problem, putting a greater strain on landfills, recycling centers, and the ocean. The world went plastics-crazy, even though a New York Times article’s research called into question the efficacy of plastic spitshields. “A lot of it was fear and theater,” the Chef noted, “but I learned long ago that reality always wins, so we just adapted. Due to staffing shortages, there were times I was taking calls, cooking, and delivering meals by myself.” Bex delivered meals during the pandemic, a practice she is reinstating for the time being, as it’s a good service for the elderly (in a Meals on Wheels fashion), injured, or busy person who wants a fast, nutritious, thoughtful square meal. 


Dinners Delivered Redux 

We at Bex recently sampled a square meal for delivery in its beta stage, for quality control, and it was delicious. We had some perfectly cooked chicken on a bed of rich, sticky, hearty mashed potatoes garnished with just a bit of crunchy apple matchsticks and a smooth vinaigrette-style sauce. It was the perfect complete meal, easy and ready. 

We invite you to check it out! Bex bites goes mobile.