A Holiday Classic Dish

Nothing says “holiday classic” like Beef Tenderloin. After the turkey madness of Thanksgiving, eating at the holidays opens up a bit more versatility: some families go ham, some keep it vegetarian, and some get into beef. 

Chef Becky has mastered Beef Tenderloin, a traditional French beef dish that’s perfect for the holidays. 


Choice Cuts 

“I use choice meat,” the Chef explains, “instead of the lower-grade chuck. Higher-quality meat directly translates to the quality of the dish. I wince when I see chefs just throwing away pieces of meat as offcuts that can be used and used deliciously.” 

The winter season instills in us different appetites and fares available. Chef Becky’s Beef Tenderloin is paired with Potato Leek Gratin, Roasted Baby Carrots, a Pear and cranberry Salad, and a decadent but refined La Bête Noire chocolate dessert. 


The Black Beast 

“It’s funny,” the Chef says, “since La Bête Noire means The Black Beast, indicating something that’s the bane of your existence or you have an aversion to. But it’s a really tasty French dessert and kind of cool that something with such a fearsome name is such a good dessert.” 


Vegan Option

Sometimes vegan or vegetarian offerings are afterthoughts at eateries, but Chef Becky places them on the same level as meat-based offerings. “I like the challenge of vegan and vegetarian fare because flavor is sometimes more difficult to develop when you’re not using animal products, which have a lot of flavor,” she explains. “But with vegan or vegetarian cooking you can build flavor in the steps of cooking and find inspiration in unusual ways.” 

The dessert offering for the vegan option is a Cranberry Almond Tart, with fall and winter flavors that pair perfectly with the flavors of the sides and main course.

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