Eco-conscious & Sustainable

Bex Kitchen is an eco-conscious and sustainable forward business focused on minimizing our environmental impact through better food and packaging choices. Focusing on food that is produced in a way that is beneficial to our environment reduces the stress on our planet’s natural resources.  We accomplish this by sourcing local sustainable food, reducing food waste, and observing portioning sizes.  Our carefully selected packaging choices are centered around our desire to be socially responsible and earth friendly. 

Procuring local food reduces the need for transportation, retains more of the food’s nutrition, and supports local economies. Reduction in food waste is accomplished by using the entire food in meal preparation, such as using the carrot root for a main dish and then using the green tops to make stock to accompany that dish. Our adherence to portion sizes is better for you and the environment while helping to reduce overall food waste which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas. 

We also utilize types of foods that are environmentally friendly by nature such as; mushrooms, pulses (edible seed from the legume plant such as beans, lentils & peas), mussels, certain cereals and grains along with organic fruits and vegetables. Our sustainability goals also include selecting seasonal foods keeping in harmony with the environment while aligning with foods that are curated in a sustainable or regenerative way, such as wild caught salmon, free range meat and farm raised eggs. 

Packaging is a large part of our industry and we made a commitment to sustainable packaging from our inception. Our use of plant based packaging, biodegradable plastics and cardboard help reduce our carbon footprint.  Our effort to minimize use plastics spans all of our products including water bottles. Embracing canned water reduce plastic use which is better for our environment. Our take away packaging is made from recyclable materials and our plant based plastics are made from corn reducing use of fossil fuel resources along with providing faster decomposition. We also use bamboo materials for our trays and utensils which is a renewable resource and also use cardboard instead of plastics as we are committed to sustainability and keeping our planet green and clean for future generations. 

Published On: September 15, 2022//Categories: Bex Blog//