Preserving Local and Small

chocolate on plate with peoniesMaven of Jewelry, Chocolate, and Gardens

Janet Mavec is a local Pottersville, NJ jewelry designer who had a Eureka moment when she realized she could infuse the small-batch chocolate she also made with herbs from her garden. She used Lemon Verbena, which makes an excellent tea and mixed it with 72% bittersweet chocolate for a delicate, healthy, elevated, and decadent experience. The verbena is hand-picked and the chocolate is made in small batches. It is sold at the Bex Cafe in 2.6 oz bars that are elegantly designed in a straightforward package. They are worth the price for the experience. Bittersweet chocolate has been shown to have antioxidant health benefits. 


Janet also does the flowers for both the Bex Cafe and Gallery. “Janet’s garden is gorgeous,” Chef Becky Geisel says, “her Dahlia garden is fantastic, and she has a birch section that smells amazing. Her garden is so peaceful and great for a deep breath and reset.” A Renaissance woman of many talents, check out Janet’s work at her website, or drop by Bex on Thursday through Sunday for a bite to eat and a refreshing beverage! Also, mark your calendar for Janet’s open house on June 17! Find out about Janet’s flowers, jewelry, and chocolate at


fountain garden

Jardin du Bois, the Garden of Earthly Delights

Chef Becky has also worked intimately with Jardin du Bois, who is participating in the Garden Conservancy’s Open Day on June 17th. The Open Day is happening across 41 states and is expected to draw 1.4 million visitors. Jardin du Bois is a sustainability-minded local farm and garden in the Pottersville area as well that hosts special events, photo shoots, and gives tours. They are situated on many peaceful, bucolic acres in Hunterdon County horse country. “I’ve worked extensively with Jardin du Bois,” the Chef notes, “and have long been impressed with their commitment to solar, green living, and creating casual-elegant spaces for important events.”