Spring Outdoors

Biking on trailSpring is always a special time of year in Hunterdon County, home of Bex Kitchen. The winters can be fierce and bone-cold, and last until as late as March and even April. But lone sprouts of crocus begin to bloom amidst the cold ground, the clouds give way to bluer skies, and the sun’s rays, finally, warm the flesh. 


The Columbia Trail 

Renovations and improvements were recently made to the Columbia Trail, which builds in popularity as the weather nicens and spring segues into summer. Muddy and uneven areas have been leveled out and reinforced with a nice substrate. Bex Kitchen is just off the Trail, and even closer still is the new Bex Gallery event space. The Trail provides easy access to points north and south, and in summer and late spring is a riot of green leaf-ery, which has been shown to provide a neurological, uplifting “reset” to the human brain. You’ll notice a troll theme along the Trail, harkening back to troll lore of Scandinavia. (Not to worry: the trolls on the Columbia Trail are mostly friendly!) 


Hiking and Hunting 

Hunterdon County boasts several hiking trail locations. Beware of ticks, including the new threat: the Asian Longhorned Tick. Stay hydrated on the trail, and bring some snacks. Chef Becky recommends bananas (a good source of potassium), drinkable proteins and juices, and healthy snack bars. If you’re looking for something hearty, check out the shooter’s sandwich, a British invention that’s easy to tote. 


Spring Eating spring cat

Spring eating is a kind of renewal of sustenance, since dormant seeds grow in response to the seasonal shift, and new, fresh possibilities of culinary delight open up. Ramps, a rarer distant cousin of the leek, grow in May onward and were used historically by Native American tribes medicinally. The Cherokee, Ojibwa, and Iroquois tribes use the pungent ramp as a spring tonic to clear out winter maladies. Pawpaws, the “hipster banana” – among other curious monikers – don’t grow in New Jersey but do grow in nearby Pennsylvania and beyond. 


Onward with Bex 

After a relatively quiet winter, Bex is gearing up for exciting developments in the spring and beyond. Chef Becky has finalized a spring menu and spring cocktail menu. Look for the Chef to incorporate seasonal, healthy, straightforward, local ingredients in her delicious concoctions!